Root Barrier
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Root Barrier

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Product Attributes

 Root Barrier is a rigid plastic sheet made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and is placed vertically, into a trench of varying depth, to suit the depth of product selected, that will provide a barrier that mitigates penetration by potentially

The Root Barrier should be installed adjacent to building footings or directly under the "drip line" of the tree to ensure that roots cannot propagate and potentially damage hard-scapes such as concrete and paved pathways.



 1. Good physical and chemical properties

2. High tearing resistance, strong deformation adaptability.

3. Puncture-resisting, aging resisting, ultra-violet radiation, oil and salt, and corrosion resistance.

4. Good adaptability to high and low temperature, non-toxicity, long service life/long lifespan.

5. Good waterproof, drainage, anti-seepage and damp proof effects.

6. Complete width and thickness specifications, low cost and easy installation.




 Weifang City Huateng Plastic Products Co., LTD., founded in 1992, is a professional geocell manufacturer in China. Honeycomb geocell is our patented product, serving more than 20 countries in the world and selling to more than 30 provinces and cities in China Geocell specifications aregb, American standard, but also according to customer demand to supply a variety of different specifications of geocell. Existing sheet production line 4, welding production line 6: height 50MM~250MM, welding distance 330MM~800MM, solder spot peel strength :1000N/10CM, 1200N/10CM, 1400N/10CM: smooth surface, grain surface;Punching and not punching, can produce, welcomecolleagues from all walks of life to visit guidance. Our company also producesgrass board, drainage board, root blocking board, geomembrane, geotextile and so on.